PRESS RELEASE: Sustainability in transparency

A lot is currently in motion in the packaging sector, including transparent packaging solutions. Nothing gets past the idea of sustainability in society. Everyone is talking about recyclability and the protection of resources and the environment.

Not one-way, but reusable is the measure of all things!

As with many other packaging materials, recycled PET material is also very popular. The aim here is to reuse plastic material that has already been used and recycled, to bring it to the market in this sustainable form as a packaging solution, to then return it via the recycling process via the circular economy and use it as a new packaging material.

The plastics specialist from Rodgau has been pursuing this approach for around 30 years. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the standard PET material of the transparent "Seufert Klarfaltbox" has contained at least 30-40% recycled content through the consistent return of the company's own production waste to the film production.

In recent years, this has resulted in a large selection of recycled plastic materials tailored to the respective customer requirements, whether PIR or PCR materials and with a wide variety of recycling percentages.

The ECO-R-PET offered by Seufert is a further development stage of the company's already used recycled plastic materials. This material has a recycled content of up to 100%, consisting exclusively of PET bottle waste, with a very appealing transparency.

Packing products transparently and sustainably is a principle Seufert has made. The primary goal is the concept of circular economy and the inclusion of materials from sustainable sources for the benefit of people and the environment.