The see-through all-rounder: Packaging solutions with die cut parts

Die cut parts enable the production of cost-effective yet individual packaging solutions. Sometimes glue is not even required, which dispenses with one of the production stages. The diverse fields of application range from self-contained packaging such as transparent slip cases to inserts for folding cartons. Die cut parts are also particularly interesting due to the range of finishing options: Various printing techniques can be employed, as well as hot-foil stamping, raised embossing, and deep embossing. Your benefits:

  • simple to work with
  • adhesive-free packaging Solutions
  • wide range of application Options
  • wide range of punching/embossing Technologies
  • also suitable as inserts for folding boxes

Simple and clear: Die cut parts as a stand-alone solution and for folding boxes

Die cut parts are suitable as

  • Independent creative packaging solutions
  • Insert in folding boxes to fix the product

There is always room for a wide range of finishes on the transparent cut: using different printing techniques or embossing you give your packaging an individual touch. As a specialist for individual packaging, we are happy to meet your challenges. A high degree of creativity, innovation and, above all, customer orientation is self-evident to us. Contact us if you are looking for high-quality, transparent packaging solutions that will help you sell your products successfully. We look forward to your inquiry.