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Decorations – the jewel in the crown of transparent packaging

Turn your products into real eye-catchers

A variety of decorations and embossing techniques lets you give your packaging a personal touch. We are happy to meet your challenges. For us, a high degree of creativity, innovation, and above all, customer orientation, goes without saying.

During the finishing stage, you have access to a wide range of techniques and products. Tell us the effects you want your design to have, and we will find a solution to inspire you.

The available decorations include the following:


Choose from full-surface or partial coating, and from gloss or matte finishes. Depending on the product application, UV coatings are also available with gloss or matte finishes.


Embossing is used to achieve special optical and tactile effects on transparent packaging. In this process, selected elements are raised (raised embossing) or depressed (deep embossing). Multiple levels are also possible.

Hot foil embossing

Looking for a metallic effect? Our hot foil embossing technique is used to cover (a part of) the design with special plastic films. Ask about our great range of colours!

Relief glamour coating

This type of coating imitates the embossing technique. This produces special tactile effects without the typical embossed shape on the back of the packaging.

Metallic effect

Effect pigments are combined with printing inks and coatings to produce decorative colour effects e.g. a metallic look or a mother-of-pearl finish.

Textured coating

This UV textured coating creates a special tactile effect. During the hardening process, a special sand-like structure is created which is both visible and noticeable to the touch.

Scented coating

Scented coating offers an aromatic experience in various nuances such as apple, strawberry, or lemon. By gently rubbing on the surface of the paper, the aroma is released and further senses are appealed to.

Tailor-made for your success

Seufert offers more than “just” packaging. From a wide range of materials, choose the one which best meets your needs. Take advantage of our innovation and design expertise to achieve the best results for your needs. more 

Passion and clear processes

From the raw materials and developmental stages right through to the complex manufacturing processes... we listen to you to ensure that you are completely satisfied. This is who we are! more 

We respect nature

The responsible use of resources and application of sustainable concepts are particularly important to us in our role as manufacturers. Learn in detail here what we do, and how we observe sustainability at every stage of development. more