Top quality and vibrant colours

Each process has its advantages, and - depending on the field of application - its suitability. Our experts in the fields of printing, punching/embossing and adhesion will support you with the implementation of your design ideas. The ever-growing demands of consumers, and the trend towards more elaborate packaging spur us on to ensure that our technology remains cutting-edge. Especially in the context of our demographic development, and new ideas in the field of smart packaging, we are continually evolving, true to the motto, “Nothing is as constant as change”.

Printing processes

UV offset printing

UV offset printing offers vibrant colours and excellent colour gradients. Use of low-migration colours, finishing with various coatings, equipped with 6 printing units and two coating units, as well as a revolving system with state-of-the-art drying technology.

UV printing and conventional screen printing

Great colour thickness, extremely effective metallic effects and the application of various coatings is possible, for example:

  • tactile effect through UV relief coating and/or UV textured coating (sand effect)
  • optical effects through the use of UV metallic and UV hologram colours
  • Tecfoil raised embossing
  • scented coating


High frequency technology

This is characterised by super-elastic bend lines. The optical effect of the bend line is really unusual and very visually appealing. This technology not only facilitates straightening and handling during manual filling, it is also ideal for fully automated filling systems.

Cold stamping

Depending on the material, your requirements, and the technical possibilities, we use a variety of bend lines, for example microperforation and special lines, to achieve outstanding stamping results.


We can integrate opening perforations into our packages, which enables completely resistance-free opening.


We can achieve perfect results with raised embossing, deep embossing, and blind embossing. Foil embossing can be used to add beautiful accents to your packaging.


Our versatile adhesive machinery enables us to manufacture a wide variety of products. In addition to standard folding boxes, crash-lock bases, 4 or 6-point adhesion, and boxes with multiple or inner compartments, we also offer special solutions for conical products. Specially designed adhesive ensures that the glued seam remains transparent and does not catch the eye. In order to ensure that you receive flawless products, all our glued products are subjected to an in-line quality control process. Product mix-ups are also avoided thanks to the use of QR and barcode review systems.

The appropriate processes for your product packaging

Depending on your requirements, in collaboration with you we decide on the suitable techniques to make your product a real eye-catcher. Especially for transparent packaging, high-quality print processes form an integral part of their effectiveness. Want to learn more about our products? Get in touch with your direct point of contact!