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Transparent products such as packaging made from PET, PP, PVC or PLA

We offer the following materials for the production of transparent boxes, sleeves, and other transparent packaging such as blister packs and promotional items.

  • PET film
  • PP film
  • PVC film
  • PLA film – especially environmentally friendly 
  • PET-R film – made from 85 % recycled goods
  • Bio-PET – resource-saving, made from up to 30 % sugar cane
  • Eco-R-PET - up to 100% post consumer recycled waste

Recyceled Foils

Innovative material and an environmental milestone. Transparent packaging made from Eco-R-PET with a PET raw material made from up to 100% PCR waste such as PET bottles and other plastic. 


Verpackungen aus BIO-PET

Bio-based PET is partially produced from renewable resources. We use PET; its base materials are partially made from sugar cane. Approximately 30 % of bio-PET is thus of plant origin. In this way, we offer our customers resource-efficient materials that enable sustainability in plastic films.

Standard materials

As standard materials, we offer PET, PP, PVC and PLA. Using these materials, we manufacture, for example: transparent packaging, thermoformed and die cut parts, as well as other packaging solutions and signage.

Make more of your products with transparent packaging

We offer tailored packaging for every product:

  • innovative materials
  • a shape tailored to the product to be contained
  • closures to withstand a range of weights and which can be visible or concealed
  • optical effect: You determine the value – true to the principle “Design follows function”

Complete flexibility – all under one roof

From the raw materials, via development and production, right through to further finishing options, we provide complete solutions with each stage taking place in-house, for example also tool manufacture, punching/embossing, and adhesion. The benefit for you: complete control at all stages of development. At Seufert, we offer tailor-made plastic solutions ... We are the flexible manufacturer at your side. In our search for the most suitable materials, we are continually introducing new, customised materials, as we are not simply packaging manufacturers but also producers of our own plastics. Choose us as your confident partner for the development and manufacture of transparent packaging and other products!

Tailor-made for your success

Seufert offers more than “just” packaging. From a wide range of materials, choose the one which best meets your needs. Take advantage of our innovation and design expertise to achieve the best results for your needs. more 

Passion and clear processes

From the raw materials and developmental stages right through to the complex manufacturing processes... we listen to you to ensure that you are completely satisfied. This is who we are! more 

We respect nature

The responsible use of resources and application of sustainable concepts are particularly important to us in our role as manufacturers. Learn in detail here what we do, and how we observe sustainability at every stage of development. more