Thermoformed packaging offers both security and visibility

As an experienced packaging manufacturer, Seufert is a pioneer in the field of transparent folding boxes. Our versatile product range also included thermoformed parts such as blister packs, which offer your product optimum visibility and security.

We are happy to use our many years of experience to advise you in the selection of suitable materials and finishing options. Contact us!

And yet another advantage for you: Blister packs and other thermoformed parts offer protection against theft

Designed as self-contained transparent packaging and/or as a complement to boxes, they offer new design freedoms: thermoformed packaging offers practical protection against theft while retaining visual appeal. The product within cannot be removed without damaging the packaging.

This ensures the high visibility of your products while simultaneously maximising packaging security. Blister packs score points as they are easy to fill with your products and seal, and only produce the amount of packaging your product needs to be stylishly and uniquely presented. The ideal theft protection for retail and wholesale - even the smallest items can be securely packaged. Storage on standardised shelves such as the so-called Euro slots, is both wholesale- and customer-friendly.

Thermoformed parts in a large variety: Seufert costum-made

With the method of thermoforming films, we realize transparent packaging and other parts exactly according to your needs.

You want to secure a product safely inside a box? Thermoformed parts are ideal for this purpose. In the development of your thermoformed packaging, we focus on your desired characteristics and the appearance of your products.

This is how packagings are created, which establish a bridge between safety and visibility, and which are strongly inspired by the design and the marketing strategy of your product.

Your benefits from thermoformed packaging:

    • Optimal securing of the product in the packaging
    • Theft protection
    • Individually tailored to your product
    • Large selection of materials
    • Variety of finishing processes