Transparent slip cover lids make product advantages visible.

Seufert is a pioneer in the sector of transparent packaging, and sets the highest quality standards for all its products. Our focus is always on our customers’ success, which is demonstrated through improved sales figures. Our transparent packaging enhances the value of a product, and can also be easily integrated into production processes. Choose our transparent lids for a variety of reasons!

The clear advantages of transparent packaging

Our rectangular lids are delivered ready-to-use and therefore simply need to be placed on top of the base. They are available in combination with a cardboard or corrugated cardboard base, as a complete folding box, or with a transparent cover in the same shape.

Your benefits:

  • Simple to fill
  • One-part version: as a complement to the separate base
  • Two-part version: clear lid and base
  • Diverse finishing options

Clear view of your products

The thing that makes transparent packaging stand out is the fact that it reveals the product inside and ideally emphasises its characteristics. This allows the creation of tailor-made packaging which is perfectly adapted to your product. From snug-fitting lids to transparent covers, at Seufert a wide range of products awaits – allow us to advise you!