Sustainability in film production: We respect nature

The environment is important. For this reason, we are particularly mindful of our use of natural resources.

Consistent focus on sustainability: Seufert films

We are implementing a number of measures to address environmental friendliness and sustainability (some of which have been up and running for several years):

  • continuous optimisation of our packaging solutions to reduce the use of raw materials.
  • reduction of our external energy consumption by installing our own photovoltaic system to power the production building.
  • the exclusive use of solvent-free adhesives
  • the use of environmentally friendly, food-safe LMQ inks
  • addition of waste from the production of PET materials to the PET production cycle.

Packaging manufacturers with a conscience

As manufacturers of plastic products such as promotional items and packaging, we take our responsibility very seriously. We believe that striving for sustainability is a special task for the management team. For this reason, we are working on measuring the environmental performance of our products, and using this knowledge to make comprehensive improvements at the design stage. And we are never satisfied with what we have already achieved. So choose films with a focus on sustainability – choose Seufert!

It is possible to work sustainably with plastics?

At Seufert, the answer is: Yes! We also do everything we can to continuously improve our sustainability, from design right through to production. In collaboration with natureOffice, since 2012 we have offered the option of carbon-neutral printing and carbon-neutral product manufacturing. Based on previous measurements, the CO2 emissions for printing e.g. a PET packaging product are calculated.



This takes into account not just the printing process itself, but also the production of the film and the processing. The calculated value is offset against the purchase of carbon credits.

natureOffice assigns an identification number to each job which can be used to trace and verify the project. We take responsibility – from the design phase onwards.

The responsible use of resources and application of sustainable concepts are particularly important to us in our role as manufacturers of plastic products.

Eco-R-PET & Recycling

Recycling has become an indispensable part of our world and also plays a particularly important role at Seufert. So it goes without saying that we have been collecting plastic waste from our production and returning it to the PET cycle for many years.

For some time now, we have also been offering PET films that consist of up to 100% recycled content for PET raw material. The Eco-R-PET is made from 100% PCR waste such as bottles or other plastic and the raw material of our award-winning PET Blue Ocean is also obtained from up to 100% PIR plastic waste.


Bio-based PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is partially produced from renewable resources. The base materials for this PET are partly made from sugar cane. Approximately 30 % of bio-PET is thus of plant origin. In this way, we offer our customers resource-efficient materials that enable sustainability in plastic films.

Just like standard PET films, Bio-PET can be processed into transparent packaging, and can be recycled with PET materials.