Transparent boxes: simply a classic.

The star in the Seufert product range is the TRANSPARENT BOX.

It is:

  • our flagship product
  • packaging and presentation in one
  • suitable for practically any product
  • DIN EN ISO 9001, BRC/IOP & natureOffice certified

Transparent boxes from Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH meet all requirements with great flexibility, and present your product perfectly. The transparent box is a type of packaging which really underlines the advantages of the product within, while protecting it from external influences. The design is, of course, based on your product.

In general, we can say that the:

  • material,
  • shape,
  • closure and
  • finishing options

can be chosen freely – in line with your own ideas. In collaboration with you, we develop transparent boxes tailored to your product which act simultaneously as packaging and decoration. Our innovative transparent containers are tailored to every project, enabling us to guarantee that every customer receives exactly the packaging that their product requires.