Whether for printing or packaging, we can rely on many years of experience in the development and production of plastic film.

The packaging sector has evolved from merely providing a means of protection and transport, to becoming a key element of product and brand design today. Today, design and function are in direct competition. Our nearly 100 years of experience in these areas has led to the optimised products manufactured by our company.

We offer smart packaging films for direct application which are perfect for further processing in the form of printing, stamping and adhesion. Today, the focus for high-quality packaging lies squarely on the design. The packaging film must meet the design requirements – whether it’s a hard film for hard casings, or various types of PET film. Whether you’re looking for a product that’s price-conscious, flexible, or heat-resistant, at Seufert we have the right films for all your tailor-made transparent packaging needs:

  • packaging films
  • thermoformed films
  • hard films
  • as well as high-quality multi-layer solutions made from PET film, and special lenticular films for 3D, flip, morphing and animation effect prints

Top quality packaging films

Our traditional approach to producing packaging solutions for all industries is based on advanced technical expertise, many years of experience, and the use of top-quality packaging films. We produce tailored transparent packaging which places your product firmly in the limelight!