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The advantages of transparent packaging

Transparent packaging provides optimal protection while simultaneously serving as an attractive shop window for the real highlight: your product.

Benefit from our expertise and choose:

  • our self-developed, tried-and-tested transparent box
  • transparent containers freely designed in accordance with your requirements
  • cylinders – we can of course manufacture cylinders too

Design meets functionality: transparent packaging as a focal point

As traditional manufacturers of transparent packaging and range of other sheet products, we recognise the value that packaging provides. It is not just protection against external elements that is at play here. Packaging is also a successful combination of usefulness and creativity. It is precisely the look of your product that decides whether a purchase is made or not. For this reason, we will never give you an off-the-shelf transparent packaging solution. Instead our creative developers will do everything they can to design the perfect container for your product. The fact that the transparent box has not run out of creativity can be seen in the wide range of our fields of activity. Discover our attractive portfolio!

Transparent boxes

Seufert ... the inventor of the transparent box Take advantage of our expertise! For us, our transparent boxes are simply a classic. Seufert’s transparent boxes ensure that your product makes the perfect entrance. The transparent box is a type of packaging which really underlines the advantages of the product within, while protecting it from external influences. The design is, of course, based on your product. more 

Die cut parts

Die cut parts enable the production of cost-effective yet individual packaging solutions. Fields of application are diverse, from self-contained packaging to inserts for folding cartons, die cut parts, and other see-through all-rounders. more 


Transparent slip cover lids make product advantages visible. Lids are pulled over the basic packaging which contains the products to be sold, thus offering a good view of the products while simultaneously providing optimum protection! more 

Thermoformed parts / Blister

Thermoformed packaging offers both security and visibility. We create parts which are precisely matched to your products, and which hold them in the desired position. On the one hand, this ensures the positioning of your product, and on the other it acts as a form of protection during transport. The thermoformed parts can either be concealed within the packaging, or openly used for product presentation at the PoS. more 

Round boxes

Robust and tailor-made: transparent round boxes. Want to make an all-round good impression on your customers? Set us a challenge, and we will present you with outstanding ideas. more 

Unusual shapes

Perfectly sealed, yet fully transparent: unusual shapes such as conical boxes. Conical boxes with a single opening are an interesting design alternative to rectangular boxes. They also stand out from the majority of plastic packaging. more 

Plastic sleeves

Transparent sleeves or clear covers are an ideal addition to your product and can lead to decisive advantages at the point of sale, because first impressions count! Properly used plastic packaging makes a particularly good first impression. more 

Tailor-made for your success

Seufert offers more than “just” packaging. From a wide range of materials, choose the one which best meets your needs. Take advantage of our innovation and design expertise to achieve the best results for your needs. more 

Passion and clear processes

From the raw materials and developmental stages right through to the complex manufacturing processes... we listen to you to ensure that you are completely satisfied. This is who we are! more 

We respect nature

The responsible use of resources and application of sustainable concepts are particularly important to us in our role as manufacturers. Learn in detail here what we do, and how we observe sustainability at every stage of development. more