PRESS RELEASE: Face-Shields are still the trend

As a plastics expert Seufert has long been a big name in the packaging industry. However, since last year the PET expert has also developed face shields, thus helping to provide additional protection in the current crisis.

Seufert’s low-cost option is “in” again and still is being worn. Together with the required face masks, the easy to handle PET face shield provides additional protection in public space, whether it be in the supermarket, the doctor’s waiting room, offices or vaccination centres or generally during encounters with other people.

Seufert’s FaceShield thus works as a complementary product, helping to reduce droplet projection resulting, for example, from sneezing, moist breathing or normal speech. It also reduces the danger of negative external effects on one’s own face, particularly the eyes. Specifically in the handling of liquids and resulting spattering this may be a key factor for basic health protection.

An additional positive effect when the single-material face shield is worn is that “face-touching” is impeded, thus minimising the risk of infection here too and preventing touching of the mouth, nose and eye area.

The two-part plastic face shields are easy to handle. After several weeks of use and careful handling these products can be easily disposed of. There are no supply shortages since everything is “made in Germany”. Seufert can flexibly and quickly respond to the increase in demand.