PRESS: Transparent (with) plastic packaging and sustainability

Yes we can!

Sustainability in the world of packaging is becoming more and more of a big topic that everyone is actively involved with and for which everyone is working on solutions. We can keep up too!

The circular economy belongs to the future!

The fact is that the environmentally friendly way to avoid unmanageable waste streams from the entire packaging scene only leads through a Europe-wide regulated recycling economy with properly structured and comprehensive recycling systems. From our point of view, freely accessible for all packaging materials that meet the requirements for this.

Ready for recycling with single material packaging

In order for this transformation into a recycling-oriented packaging world to succeed as quickly as possible, everyone from the entire packaging sector is required to act in a solution-oriented manner in this direction and, among other things, to work with single-component packaging materials that are "ready for recycling".

ECO-R-PET can!

Our answer to this is our tailor made ECO-R-PET packaging solutions, consisting of a PET mono material with a pre-existing PCR background (made from PET bottle waste). In particular, this single material dispenses with any kind of coatings, linings and laminations, which could lead to a disruptive factor in the recycling process of the circular economy.

Think ECO and see what you get, get what you see!

With our Klarfaltboxen® and our innovative transparent packaging solutions, we also create a transparent packaging platform from ECO-R-PET to let the content speak for itself in its natural appearance, to put it clearly in the foreground directly and live on the shelf. Any doubts as to whether what is promised from the outside is really in there is answered clearly! Possible returns of torn packaging from retail, caused by skeptical consumers, are reduced to a minimum.

Sustainability with a certain hold

Our thermoformed parts with the PCR material from bottle waste also continue to offer a top hold for the product in the packaging. "Safe" and stably embedded, our deep-drawn parts, which are precisely tailored to the contents, offer protection against impact or other external negative influences on the box and the goods to be protected in a special way. Possible returns from retailers with regard to damaged products are thus also reduced to a minimum.

Of course, conservation of resources and the environment is also possible with synthetic material from Seufert!

Seufert is actively working with its partner The Orange Rose on a future-oriented project, in particular to free beaches and rivers in parts of the Far East from vast amounts of PET waste left to nature, to recycle it and thereby create something wonderful and new in Seufert products.