Press release: Folding boxes made from stone paper.

Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen (Seufert) now also manufactures folding boxes and other packaging solutions from environmentally friendly stone paper.

In this way, the Hessian company is offering brand manufacturers another opportunity to stand out from the competition through environmental means and inspire their customers. In addition, stone paper is tear- and water-resistant, can be written on, and has an exceptional, velvety feel.

Stone paper is made from 100 % waste and recycled products. It consists of 60 to 80 % stone powder (calcium carbonate), which is obtained as a waste material from quarries and the construction industry. The remaining 20 to 40 % is made from recycled polyethylene, which holds the stone powder together. In large part, therefore, stone paper consists of a widely available natural material. Its manufacture is also environmentally friendly. The production process requires no water, CO2 emissions and energy consumption are minimal, and almost no waste material is produced. In addition, stone paper can be recycled: it can be used to manufacture new stone paper or other plastic products. Thanks to the environmentally friendly manufacturing process and its suitability for recycling, stone paper has been awarded a silver Cradle-to-Cradle certificate.

After thorough in-house testing, Seufert is convinced that stone paper is also highly suitable for manufacturing plastic boxes. The white material is just as strong as PET film manufactured in the normal way, and can be finished with offset or screen printing. Stone paper can be embossed, glued, and sealed. Taking all of this into account, there is nothing to stop this environmentally friendly plastic packaging material from being used to make boxes, slipcases, lids, or pillow packs. In order to offer its customers this new, environmentally friendly material, Seufert has entered into a collaboration with the firm aprintia GmbH.

Stone paper thus now offers a new, ecological alternative to white or fully printed plastic folding boxes. In addition, stone paper die cut parts can be used to make labels, add-ons, carrier bags, large-scale posters and display solutions. Other environmentally friendly packaging materials offered by Seufert include the bio-plastic PLA, and R-PET, which contains up to 80 % recycled material.