NEWS: Managing Director Thomas Pfaff celebrates the company's 40th anniversary at Seufert

Former managing director Günther Burkardt congratulates Thomas Pfaff on his 40th anniversary at Seufert.

On August 01, 2023, Managing Director Thomas Pfaff of Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH was honored at an academic ceremony and recognized for an outstanding 40 years in the company. This many years of service is a remarkable testimony given by the celebrant based on solidarity and commitment to the company, which specializes in the manufacture of innovative, transparent packaging solutions.

Thomas Pfaffs himself was already enthusiastic about the world of sales at the age of 15 when his father, then the owner of a small trading company, took him to talks with customers.

His special professional career began on August 1st, 1983 at Seufert in Rodgau Hainhausen with the start of his training as an industrial clerk. Even during this time, the then general manager Günther Burkardt, who from then on personally took care of all the years of Thomas Pfaff's development, very quickly recognized the young man's sales talent. After his shortened apprenticeship of 2 years, the jubilee was entrusted with the responsibility for a small sales area, which he successfully expanded. He continuously got new and larger sales areas and was promoted to area sales manager Germany Central.

The great hour in Thomas Pfaff's career and for Seufert as a company was March 1st, 1997, when the company changed its name to Seufert Mitarbeiter GmbH under a new name and new owner, and the entire sales management was assigned to the celebrant.

As a high recognition of his work and connection to the company, he was then given the trust of the shareholders on August 1st, 2006 and was appointed managing director.

Thiemo Burkardt, who took over the management of Seufert one year later, emphasized in his speech: `It is a pleasure to know that such colleagues are in our ranks and especially in our management, who have supported our company for years with full commitment and a high level of commitment motivation to show loyalty. This is a special feature nowadays and distinguishes us as a successful company in a special way.`

The entire team at Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH congratulates Thomas Pfaff on this extraordinary anniversary and looks forward to more successful years with him as managing director.