PRESS RELEASE: Packaging specialist develops PET masks

Seufert has developed face masks made out of PET, that allow a clear view despite extensive face coverage. Seufert sees itself, as a specialist for innovative sales packaging, thinking outside the box in order to contribute to current developments with its special know-how in the plastics sector.

What emerged are various transparent plastic face masks made out of PET, which cover the face as well as 360° around the head. These can be worn alone, or in combination with a face mask or with suitable headgear.

These solutions are not suitable for the medical sector. The Seufert company has set itself the goal of creating simple, easy-to-use design variants for everyday private use with its transparent PET solutions.

The Seufert-FaceShield is a face cover consisting of two parts. Like a headband, which is placed around the head, an additional band serves as a spacer to the face. The two parts are connected with two hand movements and the mask can be used immediately. The headband can also be closed quickly and is in the area of the back of the head after being put on. When worn, the front covers the face up to the ears on the sides, up over the head and down to the chin.

Another mask from Seufert is LiSaTM. The patent-submitted cover is a 360° mask, that covers both the face and the side areas of the head. LiSa is either available with two straps or optionally with a headband. The 360 ° mask can be closed on the sides completely, or if desired, stamped on the ears for better acoustics. LiSa is closed with three simple closures, which are placed in the area of the back of the head after placement. LiSa can be combined with suitable headgear.

Both plastic masks are reusable and can be cleaned with disinfectant or hot water. All parts used by Seufert are made out of PET, in PET bottle quality and therefore just as recyclable. These materials are made in Germany, certified and can be supplied in large quantities.