PRESS RELEASE: The unlimited possibilities of plastic – creative solutions for new markets

Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH has impressed its customers for many years with its innovative, bespoke plastic packaging solutions. The company has recently extended its product portfolio beyond packaging and is now offering a range of new product innovations which are also a huge hit among its customers.

Rodgau, 28th May 2018: Seufert launched its new corporate branding last year and is now projecting a completely new image. In addition to a new company logo and a new website, the plastics expert has completely transformed its branding to reflect the expansion of its product portfolio.

‘Inspiration beyond packaging’

The unlimited possibilities of plastic. In addition to its core business of premium packaging solutions, last year Seufert started to add promotional items, displays, signs and cards to its range of products on offer. Plastic is the perfect material for products which are required to withstand high levels of everyday use. This is especially the case for printed products used by airlines and Seufert is now also able to demonstrate the high quality of its products in the aeronautics sector. Seufert’s top priority is to deliver innovative and eye-catching products which are tailored to suit its customers’ needs.

Plastic is a highly versatile material which can be successfully used in many products including signs, cards and promotional items.

‘Our customers love our individually tailored solutions that are delivered by our creative development team. Our innovations are derived from a perfect synergy of design and functionality,’ comments Seufert’s Managing Director Thomas Pfaff.

Plastic is undeniably an extremely versatile material which can be used in an almost infinite array of creative applications. As a specialist in its field, Seufert continues to impress its customers with its range of eye-catching promotional products such as the Post-It Box, which is produced from bio-based PET, or the familiar emergency exit signs that the company produces for one of its exclusive partners.

Seufert is giving a fresh impetus to the world of plastic. The company’s creative innovations show off its customers’ products to their full advantage, so it is no surprise that the company is now conquering new markets.