PRESS RELEASE: Bring order to your closet

“Just think outside the box”, that is the motto of the plastics expert Seuferts. The company's core business is actually in PET packaging, but in recent years Seufert has constantly expanded its range and is now offering a great idea for more order in your wardrobe.

We all know the problem of maintaining a certain permanent basic order on the shelves of the wardrobe without any effort. The higher the stacked textiles, whether T-shirts, shirts or sweaters, the greater the balancing act. Likewise, pulling a piece of clothing out of the bottom pile can prove tricky. Pulling textiles from the upper shelves can also lead to unwanted extra work if the stack does not behave as it was originally planned. Inevitably, a mess always arises, which one would like to avoid, but how?

The new textile box from Seufert brings order to your closet. The dimensions can be individually adapted to the basic dimensions of the respective textiles. The transparency allows you to see exactly what was stacked in it. When the box is pulled out of the shelf, the stack cannot collapse and it makes it easier to remove the textile, regardless of its position in the stack.

Whether in the private wardrobe or a textile shop, with the textile box, your fashion is classy placed in focus and remains as well sorted as possible.

An optimal support for a tidy wardrobe!

These boxes are made of recycled bottle and plastic waste and are "Made in Germany". The boxes are delivered flat, can be set up in no time and are immediately ready for use!