PRESS RELEASE: A new generation of transparent plastic lids produced at ultrasonic speed

Seufert, the specialist plastics manufacturer based in Rodgau Germany, introduces its new, environmentally-friendly technology that eliminates the need for adhesives.

Rodgau, 24 April 2018: As a leading expert in the plastic packaging industry, Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH continuously focuses on offering its customers optimum packaging solutions to ensure their products are presented in the best possible way and that they always stand out from the crowd. Sustainability is also a key priority when the company develops and produces its packaging solutions.

In addition to using PET materials when manufacturing plastics that come into direct contact with food, Seufert only ever uses low-migration offset printing inks on its packaging.

The Seufert transparent plastic lid is designed to complement the company’s cardboard bases and two-part telescope boxes. Even though this product meets current market requirements, Seufert wanted to offer a solution that does not need to be glued in each corner.

Seufert is proud to offer the ultimate transparent, slip-on plastic lid solution that is welded together using ultrasound technology.

This extremely strong and sturdy packaging component is held together by a few neat welding points which makes it an environmentally-friendly addition to Seufert’s transparent packaging product portfolio.

This new type of adhesive technology matches other versions in terms of operating speeds, quality and precision and offers a future-oriented alternative to conventional types of packaging.

Seufert can with immediate effect respond more flexibly to its customers’ requirements and the needs of the market by offering two options; the conventional four corner gluing method and the new method of ultrasonically welding the four corners together.