PRESS RELEASE: Packaging manufacturer invests in the future to offer increased flexibility

The new punching line from Seufert requires 20 meters of floor space. Seufert counts on the new addition to the machinery.Machine Operator Arbr Bytyqi,Machine Operator Enrico Arena, Department Manager processing Thomas Keil (back, from left); Head of Production Heike Hellmann, Managing Director Thiemo Burkardt, Managing Director Thomas Pfaff (front, from left) ▪ Photo: S. Roth

Rodgau, 19th January 2018: In the form of the largest investment in this young company’s history, Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH is entering a new technological age. The firm has acquired a flatbed die-cutting system at a cost of almost one million euros, enabling it to win customers over with yet more flexibility.

Whether it’s confectionery, household goods, sports equipment or fine fragrances: packaging manufacturer Seufert has the perfect packaging solution for every product. Each packaging product is individually tailored to meet customer needs. The key: the transparent nature of the packaging places the product on offer firmly in the spotlight, while simultaneously providing superior protection.

In order to offer customers greater flexibility, Seufert has expanded its machine pool to include a state-of-the-art, next-generation flatbed diecutter. The diecutter comes from market-leading Swiss manufacturers, and can rightfully be described as the jewel in the crown of stamping machines.

Not only does the machine punch precise shapes tailored individually to customer requirements, it also automatically punches out holes and slots. In addition, the system is equipped with a top-quality blank cutting system which completely breaks down and counts these highly sensitive plastic products, automatically inserts intermediate layers, and then perfectly palletises each individual part. This means that the need for downstream manual operation is eliminated.

“As a result we gain increased speed and greater flexibility in the production process, and are therefore able to meet ever-increasing customer requirements,” explain Operations Manager Heike Hellmann and Managing Directors Thiemo Burkardt and Thomas Pfaff with satisfaction. “We have also significantly improved quality and process reliability, because no manual intervention is necessary during the mechanical punching and blanking processes.”

In order to ensure optimal implementation of the new technology, staff received timely and comprehensive training. Another challenge in the ongoing production process was creating the approx. 85m² of space required to install the new machine in the production hall. “We had to reassemble the other machines in the hall. It was a huge undertaking”, recalls Thiemo Burkardt. But now it's done, the system runs flawlessly.

The Seufert company dates back to 1920. It originally entered the market as a manufacturer of fine and raw cardboard.

The transparent box, which for many years has secured Seufert’s USP among packaging manufacturers, was added to the range in 1965. To this day, the company produces and develops innovative transparent packaging solutions. From producing PET films, through product development, to finishing (including screen and offset printing, punching and high-frequency punching, embossing and gluing), everything is completed in-house.

The company serves a range of sectors, from the cosmetics and gift sectors to the food industry. It also produces sustainable packaging with a 30 percent plant content. 103 dedicated employees form the solid foundation upon which the entire enterprise is built.