Press release: Packaging manufacture with a sense of responsibility

Inspiring costumers with BIO-PET packaging and sustainable policies

Consumer awareness increases the importance of environmentally conscious products. This awareness has grown in recent years, however Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen have been actively pursuing ways to improve the ecological balance within the company, and of course its products, for more than 20 years.

Can you operate sustainably with plastic?

Clear packaging manufacturer Seufert would answer YES! Since the middle of 2016 Seufert have offered the resource saving BIO-PET material, customer response has been consistently positive. Around 30% of this Bio-based PET is from vegetable origin, sugar cane to be precise. The material can be printed and converted in the same way as standard PET to provide folding cartons, sleeves etc. BIO-PET material is available at very nearly the same cost as standard PET. Responsible customers with an emphasis on sustainable resources have already discovered this material and placed orders.

Alongside BIO-PET, since 2012 Seufert have offered climate neutral production alongside natureOffice. Climate neutrality means Co2 emissions associated with a process or product can be balanced with financial support for climate protection projects. This certification provides benefit to our customers, and also for our environment.

A further opportunity to convince your customer of your environmental commitment can be achieved by using eco friendly Stone Film. This material contains rock powders which naturally occur through building industry waste and through quarrying. The material is writable, waterproof and tearproof with a soft velvet texture.

Seufert takes responsibility – from the first step of packaging development.

For many years the company puts a series of actions to improve eco-friendliness and sustainability into action:

  • Continuous optimization to reduce the use of valuable raw materials for packaging solutions.
  • Reduction of external energy consumption due to a company-owned photocoltaic System for the production building.
  • Exclusive use of solvent-free adhensive
  • Usage of environment-friendly, food-suitable LMQ-colours
  • Fed of production waste of PET material into the cycle of PET-production.

Seufert seriously takes the responsibility as a packaging manufacturer to consistently improve the sustainability of their products.