EXHIBITION: Recycled packagings from Seufert at the Packaging Innovations in London

Seufert at the Packaging Innovations 2019 in London

Seufert will be part of the upcoming Packaging Innovations 2019 in London and will show individual packaging solutions under the motto "REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE ... pack the future with us".

Packaging Innovations in London is the most exclusive packaging event, bringing together suppliers and key players in the packaging, marketing and branding industries. This year, this London packaging event celebrates its 10th edition, bringing together specialists from more than 180 suppliers under one roof.

Under the motto "REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE ... pack the future with us", Seufert will focus on environmentally friendly and inspiring packaging solutions and materials at its stand.

Plastic packaging of up to 100% recycled plastic.

In addition to the bluish packaging material PET Blue Ocean, which Seufert has recently introduced as a sustainable alternative to standard PET, Seufert will focus on ECO-R-PET plastic packaging.

PET Blue Ocean is a bluish material with almost 100% recycled content in the middle layer of the polyester material. A Virgin-PET-G outer layer also provides an optimal barrier to food contact.

The new ECO-R-PET can also be processed in the food and hygiene sector for innovative packaging, making it just as suitable for direct contact. The PET raw material of this material is obtained up to 100 % from PCR bottle and plastic waste. Despite its high recycled content, the material is very transparent, has a high quality for recycled plastic and can be used safely for most applications analogous to a standard PET.

The Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen will present its latest developments at the Packaging Innovations 2019 in London. The specialists at stand D4 inform about the new material PET Ocean Blue and ECO-R-PET and show high-quality printed, individual packaging solutions.