PRESS RELEASE: PET Blue Ocean: Plastics specialist contributes to waste reduction by offering new material with maximum recycled content

Rodgau, 2nd January 2019: As a manufacturer of plastic packaging, the Seufert Gesellschaft für transparente Verpackungen mbH grapples with the topic of sustainability and recycling on a daily basis. Seufert has a clear mission, and with its new PET material, the company is making its contribution to the reduction of unused material waste and to the conservation of the world’s oceans.

The new material, which Seufert has recently offered as a sustainable alternative to the standard PET for its clear packaging range on the market is a bluish material with up to 100% recycled content in the central layer of its polyester material.

Despite the high proportion of recycled material, it does not appear inferior, nor does it make any sacrifices in quality or visual appearance. On the contrary, thanks to its bluish tint, the material conveys freshness and purity to the consumer, setting products in an attractive light at the POS.

The advantages also extend beyond the material’s looks: thanks to the not inconsiderable recycled waste from the pharmacy sector, it can be used without hesitation in the food and hygiene sectors, offering added value. In addition, a virgin PET-G outer layer also provides an optimal barrier to food contact.

A further advantage of this material is its price. Now we can really say:

‘Sustainability at no cost!’

Like all PET materials supplied by Seufert, PET Blue Ocean can be safely added to the recycling economy as a mono film, in accordance with current practice. For a sustainable future for our environment- we’re heading in the right direction.