Visibility and security: Thermoformed parts and blisters.

As an experienced packaging manufacturer, Seufert Transparente Verpackungen was among the pioneers in the field of seethrough folding boxes. Blister packs and deep-drawing components are also part of the varied range which help your product to achieve the best possibile visibility and security. We will be pleased to advise you when it comes to the development of packaging with regard to the choice of material and further processing.

Blister Packs and Thermoformed Components Offer Protection Against Theft

As a stand-alone form of transparent packaging or as a complement to boxes: deep-drawing films give new scope for developments with regard to design. A blister pack or a thermoformed component is the ideal choice when it comes to protection against theft as the removal of products from blister packs or deep-drawing components is not possible without damaging the packaging and, besides,takes a lot of time and effort.

Add-on or stand-alone

But thermoformed components are also used as an insert or tray in seethrough folding boxes, e.g. if a product is intended to be securely fixed within the transparent box. 

The advantages for you: 

  • security of the product within the packaging 
  • protection against theft
  • individually matched to your product
  • large selection of materials
Kunststofftiefziehteile und Blister